Why Should I Use a Real Estate Agent ?

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According to Gary Keller, the owner of Keller Williams Realty "great service begins with a clear purpose... For sellers, their goal is to net them the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of problems. For buyers their goal is to find them just the right home, at the best price, in the right time with the least amount of problems"(pp.94) .

The Top Ten Service Areas of a KW Listing Agent

1. Need Analysis 

a. Help clarify the motivating reason to sell

b. Determine the Sellers 

2. Pricing Strategy

a. Determine the best selling price strategy given current market conditions.

b. Show resulting net sheet.

3. Property Preparation

a. Advise on repairs and improvements

b. Provide staging Strategies

4. Marketing Strategy

a. Develop marketing plan

b. Establish marketing timetable

5. Receive an Offer

a. Evaluate offers

6. Negotiate to Sell

a. Negotiate counteroffers

b. Advise on final terms and conditions

7. Sell 

a. Prepare post contract work list

b. Advise on repairs and vendor services 

8. Preclose preparation 

a.Coordinate and supervise document 

b. provide preclosing consultation

9. Closing

a. Review closing dociments 

b. Resolve last minute items

c. Complete transaction

10. Post Closing 

a. Coordinate move

b. Assist with postclosing issues

The Top Ten Service Areas of a KW Buyer's Agent 

1. Need Analysis

a. Analyze buyer's wants and needs

b. Help Buyer get clear picture of their ideal home.

2. Prequalification or Pre-Approval

a. Guide Buyer to loan officer

b. Obtain prequalification or pre-approval

c. Help choose best mortgage financing plan

3. Neighborhood Information

a. Create broad neighborhood search profile

b. Provide  list of target neighborhoods and related information for each

4. Home Search

a. Organize and schedule a home search process 

b. Ongoing updates, drive-bys, and showings of available homes.

5. Make an Offer

a. Compare homes and makes

6. Negotiating to Sell

7. Sell

a. Advise and supervise vendor selections

b. Coordinate vendor services

8. Preclose Preparation

a. Coordinate and supervise document preperation

b. Provide preclosing consulting 

9. Closing

a. Preview closing documents

b. Resolve last-minute issues

c. Complete transaction

10. Post Closing 

a. Coordinate move-in

b. Assist with postclosing issues. 

This information is from The Millionaire Real Estate Agent: It's Not about the Money, by Gary Keller et al., McGraw-Hill, 2004, pp. 94–95.