How to Up Your Curb Appeal Before Selling

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Devoting time and money to creating those “wow” moments will pay off down the road. With a lot of people staying indoors, now is a great time for clients to take on home improvement projects.

 First things first
Do a little  research, and view current listings for six or seven properties that are good comps for your home. Rank the listings based on how appealing they are. Even if you are not under a stay-at-home order, you should complete this task online — because that’s what your buyers will do.

Even if you’re stuck inside, virtual tours and online listings should enable you to pull comp sales for your property both with and without the wow factor. In our experience, “wow” properties sell for significantly more.

 Again, most agents know this from experience — houses that wow buyers sell faster. 

It takes vision, time, money and elbow grease to create show-stopping curb appeal. How much varies by house. But every home requires a clean and tidy front yard, an unobstructed and well-lit walkway and entry, manicured trees and shrubs, and eye-pleasing accents to create a high-impact focal point in a distinctive frame.

Gathering ideas for improving curb appeal can be as easy as a stroll around the neighborhood or a scroll through websites like Better Homes and Gardens or Pinterest’s endless idea boards. A search engine inquiry yields thousands of results from pedestrian to divine.

Ideas usually aren’t the problem. Implementation is.  Please note:  Most people think they can save money by tackling the make-ready, to-do list on their own. Regardless of your skill set and very best intentions, selling a property already requires so much time and energy.

Aside from simple jobs like raking the yard, you shouldn’t be taking on any DIY projects, unless they’re six months to a year away from putting your property on the market. 

Finally, while most exterior face-lifts may consist of little more than painting the front door and pruning the beautifully paired shrubs on each side of the charming entry porch, getting a property ready for market may need funds beyond what they have readily available a  HELOC or other short-term loan has been the answer for sellers in the past. 

Not sure if  you will receive a return on your renovations and projects? Contact me for a free personal evaluation on your home! 

Need recommendations for of designers, lawn and garden experts, arborists, carpenters, electricians, concrete guys, painters and other folks who can help make curb appeal visions come to life? Visit Our Home Services Page  

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How to advise clients on upping their curb appeal
by Nicole Solari